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Dogy Kangaroo Jumping game

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Gorgeorus1votes4.5 /51

Dogy Kangaroo Jumping Game 2021 is an exciting endless jumping Dog kangaroo game for all of you to enjoy. For those of you who want to enjoy, play and own the cutest Pet Dogy Kangaroo Jumping in Town! In this version of the Dogy Kangaroo Jumping Game Simulator, you can take your little Dogy Kangaroo Jumping on an exciting adventure through the park, city, and forest.
Run as fast as you can with other cute pet dogs in this Magic Dog Game. Slide, jump, roll and glide past the animals and obstacles that come your way and enjoy this rainbow adventure for Pet Dog Dash Simulator! Want to make friends with the sweetest Magical Dog Puppies? Take your Dogy Kangaroo Jumping on a fun fairy tale adventure through the park. Run, slide, jump, roll and dodge over any baby animals and obstacles that stand in your way!